Adaminte Vilakkapetta Kani | Malayalam Short Film 2019 | HD
25 Aug 2019 210.000 views 7.516 likes

Adaminte Vilakkapetta Kani (Adam’s Forbidden Fruit) is a Malayalam Short Film based on the love life of two individuals who hold extremely different beliefs and thoughts. This short film is dedicated to all those who loved and lost and loved again. When in Love, success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

ANIL CHACKO PRODUCTIONS presents Adaminte Vilakkapetta Kani


Adam Zamaan & Nayana Prasad

Directed by: Arunce Leo

Story: Adam Zamaan

Written by: Vimal V Nair

Cinematography: Nibin George

Music: Tony Joseph

Editor: Reneesh Ottappaalam

Publicity Designs: Premjith

Associate Director: Adam Zamaan

Assistant Directors: Pranav Nair, Anil Johnson & Abin Thomas

Associate Cameraman: Brijil Joseph

Assistant Cameraman: Basil Saji

Makeup: Anjali Nair

Sound Design and Mixing: Sreejith Shankar

Studio: D and S, Kochi

DI: Magic Mango

Colorist: Bilal

Song Credits

Singer: Rahul RJV

Music: Tony Joseph

Lyrics: Jithan V Soubhagom

Guitars: Bliss Rapheal Adichiyil

Carnatic Violin: Aswin Vinod

Music Recorded: Sound Factory Cochin by Sibi Mathew Alex & Tony Joseph

Mixed and Master: Abhijith Ponnappan at Sound Factory, Cochin

BGM Credits

Music Composed by: RRF

Music Engineers: Abhijith Ponnappan, Blesson Thomas, Sibi Mathew Alex & Tony Joseph

Produced by - Anil Chacko

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